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Hello beautiful souls! On the 29th of September, I am turning 70! To mark this milestone and to honor the Harvest Full Moon that coincides on this special day, I have prepared something truly extraordinary for all my friends and followers. And guess what? I have presents for you!

What Is Waiting For You:

  • FREE¬†Quantum Journey Meditation
  • FREE Crystal Palace Booklet
  • Crystal Palace Gemstone Set
  • MOON MAGIC Masterclass

Although it's my 70th birthday, my true desire is to give back and create an extraordinary cosmic party that uplifts everyone involved. And, as a gift, you can take part in a special Quantum Journey meditation!

FREE Quantum Journey

Prepare to transcend dimensions and touch the divine as we embark on a live-streamed Quantum Journey Meditation on my Birthday. Harness the transformative power of the Harvest Full Moon and celebrate life, love, and the co-creation of a new world where we all want to live in.

Get Prepared:

Don't embark on this magical journey unprepared! I've put together an enlightening booklet that explains all the different deities, gods/goddesses, angels, crystals, and more that will appear in the Quantum Journey. 









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You will also receive more information and the link to the meditation in the week before my birthday.

Supercharge Your Quantum Journey with Gemstones!

Elevate your meditation experience to new dimensions with our special gemstone set! These aren't just any stones; they've been carefully selected for their unique vibrational qualities. Featuring the seven unique stones that correspond to each chakra, this set is designed to deepen your connection and magnify your meditation.

For more information on each gemstone and its properties, make sure to download the free Crystal Palace booklet. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer to make your Quantum Journey truly transformative.

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Join my MOON MAGIC Masterclass!

Ready to deepen your connection with the moon and its celestial phases? My MOON MAGIC Masterclass will unveil the moon's mysteries, empowering you to manifest your dreams like never before. Through this course, you'll learn how to harness the lunar power to supercharge the Law of Attraction and create your own miracles.

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Special Offer: Get MOON MAGIC for FREE!

Joy has just released a groundbreaking book on intuition in German. Purchase this transformative book, and you'll receive free access to the MOON MAGIC Masterclass! Simply send an email to¬†[email protected]¬†with proof of your purchase, and we'll grant you complimentary access to the Masterclass.


Celebrate my 70th birthday with me by embarking on a special Quantum Journey under the Harvest Full Moon. This live-streamed meditation is enhanced with special healing frequencies and one of my most powerful quantum journeys ever! It is designed to connect you to the new world and the golden timeline collective.

Travel With Me


Our exclusive gemstone set, aligned with each of the seven chakras, is available for a limited time to make your Quantum Journey exceptional. If you're serious about taking your meditation to a whole new level, these gemstones are your allies. Make this Quantum Journey an unforgettable, transformative experience.

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Unlock the mystical secrets of the moon and master the Law of Attraction with my MOON MAGIC Masterclass. In 2 live sessions I will guide you through manifestation techniques that make the most of the moon's magnetic pull. Get this masterclass for free when you purchase Joy's latest book on intuition in German!


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