Omega Healing Journey

by Dr. Roy Martina


Revitalize & heal your body, reprogram your DNA for optimal health in 6 months or less.


Did you know that 66 percent of all adults in the United States use prescription medicine?

Learn how to take your health into your own hands.


You Can Manifest Health & Vitality

Learn how to influence your subconscious mind in order to:

  • Create a life of vitality and vibrant health.
  • Rejuvenate your body and install the blueprint for longevity & self-healing.
  • Detoxify your system and protect it against potential disruptors.
  • Release stress and negative emotions quickly.
  • Balance your meridians for optimal health.
  • Harmonize your chakras and strengthen your auric field.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In the Omega Healing Journey, you’ll reconnect to your inner healer and build a positive relationship with your body.


In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Experience your Healing Journey
  • Fall in love with your physical body
  • Radically change your future
  • Get control over your mind

Dr. Roy Martina's unique wealth of experience as a holistic medical doctor (40+ years) can make all the difference. In this special healing journey he shares his condensed knowledge with the world and guides you towards radiant health.


Omega Healing Journey

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You Are Designed To Embrace Health & Vitality

We did not receive a manual to stay healthy at birth, but now you have one: In this 6-months journey you will learn everything you need to know to reconnect to your body and experience a life full of energy and happiness. You’ll learn how to:

  • De-stress efficiently and use deep relaxation as a healing tool
  • Reprogram your nervous system and immune system
  • Synchronize electromagnetic fields (aura) and balance your chakras

By following the video lessons, tapping special acupressure points and listening to the guided meditations, you could dramatically change your life.

What's Included In The Journey...



This module sets the foundation for your healing journey. Learn actionable steps you can take to increase your energy, heal traumas and release negative emotions, de-stress your nervous system, deal with any chronic diagnosis (even cancer) and shift your mindset to a holistic view, including:

  • A special breathing technique to break free from health limitations and speed up healing.
  • Detailed tapping exercises with long (13-point) and short (5-point) version to break through unresolved conflicts and sabotages in order to speed up the healing process.
  • The most important tool you get is how to use your mind as a healing and rejuvenation tool.

In 8 videos Dr. Martina will guide you step by step to kickstart your Omega Healing Journey and develop powerful routines that you can use not only in the coming 6 months but for the rest of your life. Special
healing frequencies and music are used to reinforce the effect of the techniques.


The Journey

Here you find the legendary Omega Healing Audio series that has already helped hundred thousands of people. The journey comes with an explanatory video for each audio and you will be taken by the hand so that you get the full benefit of this program. You will receive:

  • 12 guided meditations
  • 12 explanation videos 
  • The knowledge of Western and Eastern medicine combined 

You will listen to each meditation for 2 weeks, then shift to the next one. Among the topics you will find: the Regulator (how to instruct your autonomous nervous system), Relaxation (learning how to shorten your relax response) and Inner Healer (your innate healing program), Biological Rejuvenation (to reduce your biological age), Programming your DNA (the new science of epi-genetics), Synchronization of the Electromagnetic Fields (creating a healing bubble around you), and many more. Each audio will be used in combination with the breathing and tapping sessions from module 1. Most people notice a difference in just a couple of weeks.



The secret to maintaining health is staying on track. In this module you will find:

  • How to move forward after the 6-months journey
  • A maintenance program for every case (depending on your personal level of improvement)
  • The possibility for direct feedback by Dr. Martina

You will know how to continue and how to keep working with the audio and video sessions.

This Journey Is For You If...

  • You have chronic health issues.
  • You have tried many alternative therapies without a real breakthrough.
  • You are looking for ways to improve your stamina.
  • You want to stay in a good shape of radiant health.
  • You dream of living a life full of energy and vitality.
  • You are looking for a complement to traditional medicines and therapies.
  • You are investing in prevention because you know that it is the best way to a healthy and radiant longevity.

I'm Dr. Roy Martina

After treating thousands of patients as a Holistic Medical Doctor for more than 40 years, teaching worldwide to doctors, therapists and health coaches (12 countries), writing over 80 books, I have developed a special healing and rejuvenation toolbox with diverse techniques. This toolbox I call Omega Healing, it is influenced by my studies of Eastern medicine (acupuncture, Qigong, self hypnosis, breathing sessions, chakra balancing, etc.) and backed up by years of testing, research of thousands of persons and feedback of doctors, patients and health professionals.

What I came up with is an easy-to-use yet extremely effective system that can help you thrive, no matter if you are healthy and want to stay in a good shape or if you are sick and need support in your healing process. 

In my last 40 years I have been using these techniques successfully on myself and my family to heal any physical, emotional or mental ailment that showed up.


Omega Healing Journey

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If you need help during this Online Journey the support will answer your questions and after 6 months you will get the chance to receive feedback by Dr. Martina according to your level of improvement.