Quantum Awakening

by Dr. Roy Martina


Personalized meditation series to awaken your Quantum Sapiens (Divine Self), discover the plan of your soul and experience quantum leaps in healing, success, happiness, love and abundance!


Do you really believe you are a Homo Sapiens?

Let me introduce you to the world of quantum.


You Are Much More Than Your Physical Body

Start your Awakening process now, in order to:

  • Awaken your true essence and connect with your Divine Self.
  • Heal your traumas and let go of the past.
  • Break free from karmic chains and ancestral programming.
  • Take back your power of creation and jump to the timeline of your dreams.
  • Become the most successful, happiest and healthiest version you can be.
  • Unlock your hidden quantum potentials and embody your divine spirit blueprint.

Experience Roy Martina's Masterpiece!

Quantum Awakening is not just an online training or meditation series. It is an awakening process that is designed to change your life!


The Revolution in Personal and Spiritual Development…

  • Personalized meditations in which Roy Martina uses your name (normal version) and channels a personal message for you (VIP version)
  • Advanced Soul Healing Course included 
  • The radical game changer to make quantum leaps in every aspect of your life

For the first time Roy Martina offers a personalized product, because research shows that the subconscious mind reacts much more when addressed personally. This ultimate meditation experience will skyrocket your transformation and healing process.


Quantum Awakening

Become the Hero of Your Own Movie

Imagine hearing your name woven into a meditative soundscape that guides you to a deeper state of relaxation and awareness. Our personalized meditation series is designed to help you connect with your Quantum Self, release negative energy and bring about a sense of inner peace. Roy Martina will guide you to:

  • Reprogram your subconscious mind for ultimate success, happiness and health. 
  • Connect to your divine spark and follow your spiritual path.
  • Own your dreams by adjusting your frequencies until they match the golden timeline of your heart's desires.

The meditations also feature specialized music with healing frequencies that deepen the experience and trigger Quantum Awakening. 

What's Included In Quantum Awakening...


Personalized Meditations

In each of the meditations Roy Martina will use your name several times, together with a special music tone (anchor) to stimulate your subconscious mind and the 4th Dimensional memories. In the VIP package the meditations also contain a personal message that Roy will channel just for you. In the meditations he guides you to:

  • Connect to your Spirit Self and remember the plan of your soul.
  • Heal your traumas and break free from all ancestral programming, karma and limiting beliefs.
  • Project yourself into the future and quantum entangle with your golden timeline.

With the revolutionary personalized meditation series, you'll be guided on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced meditator, you will unlock the power of true Quantum Awakening. In total you will receive 8 audio sessions (4-5 hours), including one for the morning (AM) and one for the evening (PM).


Advanced Soul Healing

Additionally, you will get access to the Quantum Awakening Multiversity and 4 video lessons (4 hours) of advanced soul healing. Roy Martina invites you in this interactive course to follow his:

  • Tapping exercises.
  • Guided meditations.
  • Detailed information about soul healing, covering the difference between soul and spirit, heart healing and love languages, brain waves, timeline traveling and secret knowledge about black karma. 

These lessons can be perfectly combined with your Quantum Awakening Meditations. They offer profound theory and action steps in order to fulfill the one and most important mission of your soul: to heal itself. 


Sound Healing Journey

In the bonus module you find the groundbreaking sound healing journey - a soundtrack for trauma healing, the release of heavy energies and soul transformation. Deep-dive into the musical journey whenever you want to:

  • Let go of past traumas and learn your soul lessons.
  • Heal your wounds and transform pain into power.
  • Take a break and reset your energy system.

In the future this section might be filled up with more bonus material for you. 


Quantum Awakening VIP

Priceless Quantum Power 

To make this one-of-a-kind experience even more special we offer a VIP version. Receive a personal channeled message just for you! Roy Martina connects with the Quantum Field in order to:

  • Talk directly to your soul and heal the parts that are stuck in time. 
  • Decrypt your personal success code and anchor the happiness blueprint in your brain.
  • Speed up your Quantum Awakening process by hacking your self-sabotage programs and unlocking your hidden healing door.

The personal message will be recorded by Roy for you and is part of the Quantum Awakening meditations. 


Quantum Awakening Is For You If...

  • You want to awaken your Quantum Sapiens and discover hidden spiritual knowledge.
  • You have tried many tools of personal or spiritual development and feel it is time to take it to the next level.
  • You are looking for ways to unleash your full potential.
  • You want to heal your traumas and break free from karmic chains.
  • You dream of living a life full of abundance, health and happiness.
  • You want to discover your uncensored self.
  • You are interested in overcoming your sabotage mechanisms that block your manifestation power.

I'm Dr. Roy Martina

I have always been drawn to the mysteries of the universe and the power of the human mind. Over the years, I have studied and practiced a variety of spiritual and self-improvement techniques, but I never felt truly satisfied until I discovered the power of the Quantum Field. With this newfound understanding, I have created a meditation experience like no other, combining personalized messages with music composed with special frequencies designed to help you connect with the Quantum Field and experience a profound spiritual awakening.

My mission is simple: to help others reach their full potential and live their best lives. Whether you're just starting out on your path of spiritual or personal development or you're looking to take your practice to the next level, I am here to guide you every step of the way.

After helping hundred thousands of people live and online as a spiritual mentor, success trainer and holistic doctor, I feel blessed that I can now share the unique Quantum Awakening Program with the world and offer you a truly special and personalized experience.


Quantum Awakening

Normal Version


Installment Payment Option


VIP Version


Installment Payment Option


If you need help during the Quantum Awakening Process the support team will answer your questions. If our team is unable to answer your question, it will be personally addressed by Roy Martina, ensuring that you receive the guidance and support you need.